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We are a young company based in Spain that dedicates its efforts to the precision cultivation and production of industrial hemp CBD, CBG, CBN and other cannabinoids, safe and non-addictive substances with proven therapeutic properties and countless applications in products in sectors such as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Cannadream Premium Quality® products work with a high premise of quality and commitment to the environment as they are vegan and organic. We have an R&D department in which we develop premium hemp products under our own exclusive genetics. Our customers will be able to experience and test the numerous health benefits of our products based on the different types of cannabinoids.

Premium Quality

From germination with our own genetics, cultivation and detailed processes of artisanal treatment, we obtain a final product CannaDream Premium Quality® that we sell in our official cannadream-shop (coming soon).

We rely on the exquisite professionalism of our team, the goodness of our cultivation grounds, with an optimal climate and conditions, and strict compliance with the laws, regulations and standards in the sector. In this way, we increase and safeguard our value chain and guarantee the quality and safety of our crops, which are always grown under the premise of sustainability, causing the minimum environmental impact to safeguard nature.

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Our work
and commitment

To serve as a guide to enable the harvesting of PREMIUM raw material with which large industries can create quality products based on organic and safe nutrients.

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An organic crop by nature

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All our crops are grown under sustainable and environmentally friendly criteria, as we firmly believe in the obligation to take care of the environment in which they are born. Hemp is a unique variety in this respect, as a single hectare of its cultivation quadruples the absorption of CO2 emissions by forests.

Qualities and sustainability

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Helps and nourishes the soil, even recovers it.

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Reduces CO2 emissions

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Prevents afforestation

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Retains CO2 from the atmosphere thanks to its rapid growth

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Insulating, recyclable and biodegradable

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Resistant, reducing the need to use chemicals

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