CANNADREAM is the result of our experience and dedication to the cultivation of hemp, a safe and non-addictive substance that is already used by thousands of companies around the world for the manufacture of pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic products.

We cultivate our hemp flower through a detailed artisanal process, in which research is a transversal practice that allows us to develop our own exclusive genetics.

Under the Andalusian sun, our premium substance sees the light of day with the support of an expert and qualified team in the sector. Once extracted, our business revolves around two aspects: our own commercialisation of hemp-based products in our shop; and the sale of this premium substance to industries from different sectors, which process it and add it to their products with the added value of offering a premium quality substance.

Is hemp 100% legal?

In CANNADREAM, we develop our activity under the strict guidelines that regulate the cultivation and commercialisation of industrial hemp. That is why our company is in constant communication with the competent bodies in the regulation of these parameters.

In this sense, it is also one of our objectives to modulate the current perception of cannabis and its derivative substances, since they offer countless applications for health and aesthetics.

cáñamo industrial

International Service

Our company is born to operate internationally. We have the necessary infrastructure for this task and we comply with the highest quality standards to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers. We operate in a scalable way, which allows us to supply any order volume in the B2B field.

Sustainable by definition

We say that our company is committed to sustainability from the outset, since hemp is a crop variety that respects nature because: it helps and nourishes the soil, and even recovers it if it is in poor condition; it reduces CO2 emissions; it prevents deforestation; it retains CO2 from the atmosphere, thanks to its rapid growth; it is insulating, recyclable and biodegradable and, finally, it avoids the use of chemical products thanks to its resistance.

So, from CANNADREAM, we present ourselves to the world with the illusion of those who deeply respect their work; always putting, as a priority, the exquisite care of our hemp flower.

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