CBD is a cannabinoid that appears in varying amounts in the flowers of “classic” cannabis and high percentages of it in cannabis products are very beneficial to health, as well as legal. It is a product that is produced from trichomes, filamentous glands of the cannabis flower, a low percentage of other cannabinoids such as THC and added substances to provide aroma called terpenoids.

Lately, medical-scientific exploration has been based especially on CBD cannabis, as it is seen to play very effectively with our endocannabinoid system; among other things, the primary effects of CBD are analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anxiety suppressant and many other neurological ailments. 

The North Carolina School of Medicine School of Medicine exploration, which we’ll tell you about today, and several other studies detail that CBD can additionally calm seizures and normalize brain rhythms in the rare Angelman disorder (AS), a neurological pathology that makes mental retardation, epilepsy, facial deformities, and other very serious indications.


How does CBD relieve seizures according to UNC?

The North Carolina Faculty study, CBD may alleviate seizures, benefit behaviors in people with neurodevelopmental conditions, was disclosed on September 18, 2019 in the Journal of Clinical Investigation.

 The scholars conducted animal studies detailing Angelman’s disorder and the incredible outcomes detail that CBD / CBD oil additionally has the possibility to be of great help in the regimen of youngsters and oldsters with this pathology. Specifically, Angelman’s disorder is brought on by the separation of a part of chromosome 15 and is particularly characterized by:


  • Intellectual disability
  • Delayed psychomotor development
  • Aphasia (lack of speech)
  • Brain rhythm dysfunctions
  • Severe epilepsy, commonly strong to medications

Can CBD be used to treat Angelman syndrome? There are excellent projections.

In 2018, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the U.S. government agency that regulates and administers food and drug products, approved the use of CBD / CBD oil to appease seizures similar with two rare forms of epilepsy. Regardless, little is known about the anti-epileptic and behavioral effects of cannabidiol in people with Angelman disorder. 

Ben Philpot’s exploration lab is among the U.S. leaders in constructing gene-edited animal models for exhibiting neurological advancement disorders.

Scholars use these models to find new treatments for different pathologies, such as the disorder discussed in this study.

Studies completed by researcher Bin Gu, a postdoctoral student in Philpot’s lab, demonstrated the beneficial effects of CBD on seizures (but additionally on motor deficits and brain activity abnormalities) in laboratory mice gene-edited to mimic Angelman’s disorder. Therefore, there is a chance that, after successful clinical studies, CBD could also be used for clinical use in the young and old. 

Specifically, it was reported that just one injection of cannabidiol decreases the extent of seizures in mice. (The researchers induced the spasms by raising the guinea pigs’ body temperature or by making loud noises). 

A traditional anticonvulsant dose of CBD, i.e., 100 mg/kg, subtly sedated the mice, but did not have enough effect on stability and synchronization of movement.

CBD also restored normal brain rhythms, which are commonly disturbed in people with Angelman’s disorder.

What is the conclusion of the use of CBD to prevent seizures?

Scholars at the North Carolina School of Medicine have faith that the study could create further inquiry into the use of CBD to calm severe signs of Angelman’s disorder and other neurodevelopmental disorders.

They further said that patients’ families and patients themselves should seek their doctor’s advice before taking any cannabidiol-based product, whether pure crystals or CBD Sativa oil, in accordance with the clinical trials needed to establish both the effectiveness and safety of this compound.

Be that as it may, the scientific exploration of the effects of CBD is being conducted mainly in countries where cannabis consumption is not currently a concern. 

We hope that these studies will also give excellent results in humans and that cannabinoids will not become the object of suspicion but of safety and security for the time being. If you want to know more about the industry and the many benefits of CBD products visit our website Cannadream-shop.com.

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